Welcome Onward Nation Listener Listener!

Thanks for tuning in to my feature on Onward Nation! Here's those resources I promised:

The 10 Minute Relationship Marketing Workshop

Tap into the power of your network to reach your fullest potential and generate breakthrough opportunities in this video series exploring the driving force behind referrals and the importance of staying top-of-mind.

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Free eBook: The Five Freebies

I talked about The 5 Freebies, the email templates that enable you to access virtually anyone in your network at practically any time. Want to learn more? Download our free eBook and start unlocking the power of your network.

Attaining Fulfillment: How Mindmaven Came to Be

We also talked about my history and the origins of Mindmaven. If you’re interested in learning more about how all of this got started (along with the lessons I've learned along the way, check out this story-driven blog post.