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Mindmaven coaches visionary leaders to amplify their capacity and impact through masterful delegation.

Increasing productivity

Free up 12+ hours of your week.

Our executive coaching services revolutionize how you work with an Executive Assistant to delegate everything that isn’t a good use of your time. And we mean everything.

Increasing productivity

Exponentially increase your productivity.

We coach leaders and their Executive Assistants on how to establish highly efficient workflows that get things done faster so your entire team achieves more every day.

Increasing productivity

Be the proactive leader your company needs.

Waste less time reacting to daily disruptions and gain strategic focus on the activities that allow you to scale yourself and your business.

Over a decade of proven leadership coaching success.

Our seasoned Executive Coaches bring more than 15 years of field-tested expertise, delivered through 87+ unique strategies, to maximize your productivity, focus, and relationships that drive success.

Leadership coaching


Send a follow-up email to every meeting without having to write a single word.
Leadership coaching

Whitespace Time

Create, protect, and make the most of proactive time – while balancing your roles as builder and leader.
Leadership coaching

Talent Pool

Proactively build valuable relationships with those you want to hire in the future.
Leadership coaching

Meeting Debriefs

Produce a detailed meeting recap for every meeting in less than 2 minutes.
Leadership coaching

Loop Leverage

Capture every commitment made to and by you, and let your executive assistant handle the follow through.

Serendipity on Demand

Consistently generate game-changing opportunity by managing your key relationships.

Inbox Shadowing

Focus on the most important emails. Have your Executive Assistant proactively produce responses on your behalf.

Art of No

Learn how to say “no” without feeling bad or harming your relationships.
Leadership coaching

Praise & Recognition

Build a positive and empowering culture in just minutes each day.

Professional leadership coaching that helps every executive reach their fullest potential.

Increasing productivity

Startup founders and CEOs

You need to master scaling yourself to scale your business successfully. Attract top-tier talent, build an awesome culture, and free up your schedule for crucial thinking time and creativity.

Increasing productivity

Senior executives

Your career progression is driven by effective time management, proactive leadership, and exceptional relationship management – making you an indispensable leader within your organization.

Increasing productivity

Investment professionals

You have ambitions to be among the best and know you can only get there by nurturing your relationships. Gain the edge you need to attract valuable partnerships, build strong networks, and secure influential deals that propel your career to new heights.

Hear how our coaching has changed the game for top executives.

We’ll coach your Executive Assistant into an absolute rockstar.

We’ve perfected the art of transforming Executive Assistants with potential into exceptional productivity powerhouses. Our coaching services equip them to become your greatest strategic partner, capable of anticipating your next move and amplifying your business efforts.

Beyond coaching, we offer access to a top-tier talent pool of thoroughly screened candidates, ready to connect executives with high-quality remote Executive Assistants that match their specific needs.

Achieve True Greatness.

Reclaim the thrill of building a company.

Enjoy the freedom of a clear mind, free from the burdens of urgency and stress. With our executive coaching, you can scale yourself and your business, all while enjoying a balanced, fulfilling life.

Realize your true leadership potential.

Gain access to world-class relationship management strategies that unlock breakthrough opportunities and industry-leading talent through your professional network. Make your professional life work for you, not the other way around.

Mindmaven’s Executive Coaching helps leaders reach their fullest potential. Find out how we can help you reclaim 12+ hours every week.