Relationship Management Strategies

Our Mission and Methodology

Patrick Ewers here, founder and CEO of Mindmaven.
I founded Mindmaven with a clear mission: To make the world a better place by helping people live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives without sacrificing the things that matter most. Through our work, we aim to eliminate stress, anxiety, and combat the epidemic of isolation by empowering others to build deep, meaningful connections.
Why? Because several recent studies have shown that despite the world being seemingly more connected than ever, an increasing number of people report feeling lonely or isolated, and this trend is worsening. Successive generations report increasingly higher levels of loneliness, and we are only now starting to see the long-term effects of this phenomenon. In short, people are losing the ability to meaningfully connect with others and that’s having a measurable impact both mental and physical health.
Solving that is our purpose.
At Mindmaven, we believe that relationships are essential for success but, more importantly, are a vital ingredient for living a happy, fulfilling life. As a result of our work, we hope to combat one of the most significant epidemics of our time: the epidemic of loneliness.
But there was a challenge: we realized early on that, while relationships are always important, the things we must do to take care of them are rarely urgent. In our clients’ urgency-driven world, it wasn’t enough to simply give them world-class relationship management strategies.
First, we had to help them free up the time to implement those tactics ... and not just five minutes here and there. We had to become the best of the best when it came to freeing up massive amounts of time, so we could help people invest in what matters most: Relationships.

The Mindmaven Story

The idea for Mindmaven came to me in an unexpected setting, during a 10-day silent meditation retreat at Suan Monhk, a Buddhist monastery tucked away in the remote jungles of Thailand.
Some quick background: After relocating from Germany to the Bay Area, I found initial success in Silicon Valley as an early hire at LinkedIn. I quickly fell in love with the way Silicon Valley operated on relationships, and, under the inspired leadership of Reid Hoffman, was able to play a small part in making LinkedIn what it is today.
However, I soon began to crave something more: I wanted to build something that would help others find a true sense of belonging, foster deeper relationships, and enable more meaningful interactions.
My wife Alex and I soon decided to pursue our shared dream of exploring the world, rooted in a desire to get “back to basics” and remove the “Bay Area blinders,” experiencing the world beyond the tech ecosystem. During our travels, we found ourselves at Suan Monhk Monastery, where the initial spark for Mindmaven came into existence.
I left the retreat with a realization that I needed to create a career that aligned with my strengths, combining my inner productivity geek with my deep understanding of relationships. Months later, upon returning to Silicon Valley, I quickly learned that no job fitting that description existed. Rather than abandon my newfound sense of purpose, I decided to create my own company—and Mindmaven was born.

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