More than ever, your success as an investor is driven by two factors: time and relationships.

Without proactively investing into those, you’ll never make it.

There are three truths we believe in:

Increasing productivity

The world has changed. Money is a commodity and we are not going back to the “Sandhill Road” times, ever!

Increasing productivity

What hasn’t changed is that the most critical factor to your success is your ability to find the best founders and convince them to choose you.

Increasing productivity

The best bets you will make will come to you through people you know and trust.

Mindmaven coaches investors on how to free up 12+ hours per week by changing how you work with your assistant. We’ll then work on proactively investing this time into the relationships that drive your highest quality deal flow.

Our approach has been proven with some of the best in the industry.

Increasing productivity

Free up 12+ hours of your week.

Radically delegate everything that isn’t a good use of your time. And we mean everything.

Increasing productivity

More proactivity, more thinking, more choice.

Being reactive isn’t the path to success for investors. Work with intent; focus on what moves the needle most.

Increasing productivity

Generate an abundance of high-quality deal flow and win the deals you want.

Differentiate yourself with how you make founders feel about you. Make them think about you more than your peers.

Our coaches offer proven procedures, not platitudes.

Over 15 years of experience delivered through 87+ unique playbooks, built around three core Superpowers:
Leverage, Intent, and Fellowship.

Leadership coaching


Send a follow-up email to every meeting without having to write a single word.
Leadership coaching

Whitespace Time

Create, protect, and make the most of proactive time – while balancing your roles as builder and leader.
Leadership coaching

Mindshare Management

Work with your EA to generate game-changing deal flow by strategically staying top of mind with your key relationships.
Leadership coaching

Meeting Debriefs

Produce a detailed meeting recap for every meeting in less than 2 minutes.
Leadership coaching

Loop Leverage

Capture every commitment made to and by you, and let your assistant handle the follow through.
Leadership coaching

Implicit Referral Generation

Skillfully educate your network on exactly what you're looking for to enable them to send you higher quality deal flow.

Inbox Shadowing

Focus on the most important emails and have your EA proactively produce responses on your behalf.

Art of No

Learn how to say “no” without feeling bad or harming your relationships.

Going Deep Fast

Develop the skills of creating deep and meaningful relationships, fast, to win deals more often.

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We’ll coach your EA into an absolute rockstar.

We’ve perfected the art of coaching people with potential into absolute rockstars. We also help find and match executives with amazing EA candidates.
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Achieve True Greatness as an investor.

Revel in the excitement you feel after meeting high quality founders, more often.

It’s almost a statistical certainty that you will increase the number and quality of awesome founders you will meet. The times you feel genuine excitement will go up too.

From what we’ve been told, these are some of the most fulfilling moments in an investor’s life.

Reclaim the thrill of working with portfolio companies.

Enjoy the freedom of a mind that isn’t bogged down with urgency and stress. Use your whitespace time for proactive thinking to be a game-changer for your portfolio companies.

Being meaningful and helping to build awesome things is probably one of the reasons you became an investor in the first place.

Investing into yourself is the best way to maximize the financial outcome of your funds.

Nobody will argue that being an investor is a game of luck.

But if there’s one factor that you control to influence your financial success, it is investing into yourself to do those things better that you do best.

Mindmaven helps leaders reach their fullest potential. Find out how.