At Mindmaven, we are working toward making the world a better place by helping people achieve True Greatness. We define True Greatness as reaching exceptional success, without sacrificing the things that matter most: Happiness, fulfillment, and connection.


These are the main values that guide our present and future decisions to help us find the most aligned paths to our goals as we scale. They are what bond us as together as each Mindmaven team member commits to working (and hopefully living) by these principles, and holds one another accountable to our values.

Make the World a More Connected Place

Re-humanize our world by helping people feel deeply connected to each other

People Are Inherently Good

Bring out the best from others, and help them become agents of happiness

Take Care of Each Other

Work together as a team and have a sense of camaraderie even though everyone is remote

Growth For All

Push team members to find growth and embrace mistakes as learning opportunities

Give Everyone a Fair Chance

Provide opportunities to anyone with the right abilities, grit, attitude, and desire to learn

Free of Entitlement and Politics

Company politics and a sense of entitlement has no place at Mindmaven

Open Positions

Executive Assistant

We are constantly looking for amazing candidates to match with our clients for direct hire. Apply for one of our Executive Assistant roles on LinkedIn or email [email protected].


If you are experienced as a coach and believe in the work we’re doing, we’d love to hear from you. Send us your resume at [email protected] and tell us why you’re interested in becoming a Mindmaven coach.

Mindmaven has been a 100% remote company since its inception.
We’re proud to have a diverse team working from all over the world.