We’ll match you with a rockstar Executive Assistant in as little as 10 days

Hiring the right EA on your own is a daunting recruiting challenge, yet making the best choice is one of the most critical decisions you’ll ever make.

What it takes to find a game-changing Executive Assistant:

Executive Assistant Recruiting


While you may have mastered the skill of hiring people for marketing, product, engineering, and other roles, you might not have much experience hiring an Executive Assistant.


Hiring a great EA match on your own can take months. And even after you make the offer, there is the risk of realizing you’ve made a mistake just weeks later.

Knowing what you need

Most people come to us with only a very limited understanding of what an Executive Assistant can do for them. It’s hard to understand the full scope of what a deeply integrated EA can do if you haven’t seen it.

Knowing what to look for

In order to get the greatest ROI from hiring an Executive Assistant, you need confidence that they are truly high-quality. Some of the best EAs we’ve placed did not have the typical resume profile you’d expect.

We’re not a traditional Executive Assistant recruiting service.

By working with our coaching clients, we’ve spent over 15 years refining not only how to optimize the partnership between an executive and their EA, but how to find the right Executive Assistant to begin with - one who will stick with you.

Our proven Executive Assistant recruiting process has a 94% placement success rate.

We use a results-driven approach to match you with the most strategic hire you can make for your business.
Executive Assistant candidates go through our robust screening process to evaluate beyond experience and interview. They must complete a grit test, multi-hour trial project and a skill and instinct assessment.
The result? Only 2.5% of EA candidates who apply pass our screening and make it into our talent pool (statistically, it’s easier to get accepted into Harvard than our talent pool)!

How we work with you:

Schedule a call with us.

We’ll discuss your needs and preferences and ensure you’re a good fit for our approach.
EA Recruiting

Review candidate profiles.

After committing to our process, we’ll match you with a selection of pre-screened rockstar EAs we believe will be a great fit for you.
We’ll share their assessment results and we’ll schedule the EA candidate meetings for you.
Executive Assistant Recruiting

Talk with your top 3.

Our Executive Assistant candidates have already been interviewed and thoroughly assessed on execution and skillset.
All that’s left for you is to evaluate the Executive Assistant's personality fit and cultural alignment.
Executive Assistant Recruiting

Kick off coaching for you and your new EA.

In order to get the greatest ROI from hiring an Executive Assistant, you need confidence that they are truly high-quality. Some of the best EAs we’ve placed did not have the typical resume profile you’d expect.

We’ve got a pool of top talent.

Start reviewing EA candidate profiles almost immediately after you talk to us. Because we are constantly recruiting Executive Assistants, our talent pool is filled with fresh candidates.

Frequently asked questions

We recruit EA candidates who are primarily in North America.

We also hire exceptional talent from the Philippines.

Most of our Executive Assistant candidates land somewhere between $70-100K annual salary for a North American-based EA; but, we’ve seen exceptionally experienced Executive Assistants can go well beyond $100K.

For a Philippines-based virtual assistant, you can expect to pay around $8-10 USD per hour.

The majority of our EA candidates are remote-only and we are big believers that remote is best for this role. Here’s why we recommend remote Executive Assistants.

However, we can still help find an in-person EA, depending on your location. If you are based in San Francisco or New York, we can likely still match you but it may take a little longer.

Here at Mindmaven, it’s almost a scientific process. There is much nuance to finding the right person which is why our clients asked us to start recruiting Executive Assistants for them.

Here are some of the most significant qualities we look for in our EA candidates:

  • Genuine desire to be a life-long learner
  • Fulfillment in helping others
  • Demonstrated ability to have real attention to detail
  • Capable of adapting quickly and using sound judgement to come to conclusions
  • Ability to anticipate what might come next

The most valuable assets to your company are your time, creativity, and relationships. Reactive, bogged down CEOs, founders, and executives are underutilizing the most critical assets they bring to the company. 

With the way that we’ve revolutionized the role of an Executive Assistant, it is almost certain that the investment into this EA partnership will outperform the effort you make in any other person you’d hire for your business.

Working with an Executive Assistant in the proper way has the ability to directly impact the velocity of your company and 10x your productivity.

It’s almost never too early to hire an EA because it takes skill to learn how to do it. At the latest, you need to start working with an Executive Assistant once you’ve found product-market fit or you have 15-20 people reporting to you.