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Being content or happy is a state of mind. Mindmaven business is about the state of mind. It’s about achieving a state of mind that is the prerequisite for happiness. Some do it through a rigorous meditation practice and even dedicate their lives to it.

For most career managing citizens of the Western world, this is an unrealistic commitment. However, today’s professionals can achieve a calmer, more content and highly focused state of mind by simply taking a few simple steps towards removing existing stressors and time-wasting habits. It’s that easy.

classiccurveFor Mindmaven’s clients, the stressors are the uncertainty of running a relationship based business, or the constant day-to-day struggle of worrying whether they will bring in enough new business for this quarter or year. This just gets compounded by the typical up-and-down curve of getting new business. If you are very busy and good at getting new business, you are going to be very busy making sure you are producing the first-class service your new clients signed up for. This shifts your focus from selling to producing, which demands an overwhelming percentage of your time. Often sooner than you like, these engagements will end and you are faced with an empty or very meager opportunity pipeline. This forces your focus dramatically back to drumming up opportunities, which at times also comes with a good portion of anxiety.

Sounds familiar? At Mindmaven we firmly believe that this up-and down curve is something you can reduce through adjusting your management approach. In fact, we know that it is possible to stretch out that curve to become significantly smoother. Will it become completely smooth? No, that’s just not how business cycles work. But nevertheless, there is a huge potential to flatten that up-and-down cycle, making your business more forecastable, stable and scalable. This brings you peace of mind and reduces the distraction of being stressed about uncertainties. This is the state-of-mind that we are excited about here at Mindmaven. This is what we want all our clients to experience; it’s what we work so hard for.

flattenedcurveWhy do we believe we have an answer to these challenges? Because Mindmaven is focused on helping professionals achieve this superior state of mind by introducing strategies, programs, activities and tools to improve you and your team’s relationship management effectiveness. This drives mindshare up significantly among the aggregated professional networks of all your team members, and this naturally results in more referrals reaching you. Given constant conversion rates, these referrals lead to more business.

Through the introduction of measurement and metrics, you’ll learn to understand which program or activity can have which impact on your business. Generating new clients becomes an informed business decision over the long run.

calm-284x360Since all of Mindmaven’s work in the NRM sector is focused on deepening relationships, our clients also experience another powerful side effect. Their relationships become more meaningful, real and a lot more personal. It is seldom that clients do not experience a shift of mindset to the positive, which in turn has a tremendous impact on themselves and the environment around them. This often results in a state-of-mind that supports being content with life.