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How to Become a Legendary Leader (in Just 5 Minutes a Day)

The more your team grows, the harder it often becomes to build meaningful, lasting relationships with each person. Check out this article to learn how to keep building those relationships no matter your size, all in just five minutes a day.

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The #1 Relationship Building Habit You Should Do Daily

Introductions from your network to the right clients, employees, partners, and investors can change everything. However, most people leave this up to chance. One individual has found a way to remove the randomness.

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Six Friction-Free Ways to Help Your Network Help You

This is Patrick Ewers, early LinkedIn director and relationship-building expert. Today, he makes his living teaching tech’s most successful professionals how to get what they want by forging the right connections. What’s different about Ewers is that the bulk of his advice can’t be found in Networking for Dummies-style guides. It’s designed to be simpler, more genuine and effective at the same time…

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