Work With Us

Our proven methodology combines weekly coaching sessions for you with unlimited hours of training for your EA. Connect with us to learn more about how our approach will feel like it’s built just for you.

Every engagement is individualized and uniquely built for the clients we choose to work with, using our game-changing playbooks.

All of our clients are on a journey from Good to Great. Here’s what it takes to work with us:
Your willingness to invest at least 50 minutes a week into your growth.
Our typical clients believe in lifelong learning and understand the value a coach brings to the table. You have to be comfortable with the investment of one 50 minute session per week with us and the willingness to try applying what you learn in your daily routine.
Your willingness to pay our fees.
Yes, we charge real money for our services. We also come with the confidence that the return on this investment is going to be immeasurable, if you do your part. What's it worth to get a real shot at achieving the fullest potential of your vision?
Your ability to prove to us that you are worth our time.
We are in the business of changing your life and influencing your trajectory in a way that you have never dreamed of. But we can't do it alone. The biggest success variable is your ability to act. Our methodology is habit-based. If you are not able or willing to learn new habits, we are not for you.
One of the reasons we have a 95% success rate is because we are careful about who we pick as clients. We want you to experience success, not waste your money.

If you want to see how pragmatic our approach is, learn how to send follow-up emails 10x faster than today.


Radically rethink how you work with your EA or Chief of Staff.


Make rapid decisions and maintain focus on the things that drive the most impact.


Invest time into your team, prospective talent, and critical relationships.


Send a follow-up email to every meeting without having to write a single word.

Whitespace Time

Create, protect, and make the most of proactive time – while balancing your roles as builder and leader.

Talent Pool

Proactively build valuable relationships with those you want to hire in the future.

Meeting Debriefs

Produce a detailed meeting recap for every meeting in less than 2 minutes.

Loop Leverage

Capture every commitment made to and by you, and let your assistant handle the follow through.

Serendipity on Demand

Consistently generate game-changing opportunity by managing your key relationships.

Inbox Shadowing

Focus on the most important emails and have your EA proactively produce responses on your behalf.

Art of No

Learn how to say “no” without feeling bad or harming your relationships.

Praise & Recognition

Build a positive and empowering culture in just minutes each day.

Frequently asked questions

Our typical engagement period runs for about six months. Our minimum engagement is three months. Some clients choose to work with us for much longer periods.

No. Our contracts are month-to-month. If for any reason you’re unhappy with your coaching experience, you can cancel by the end of the month.

Although every 50 minute coaching session ends with action items and habits, you’ll find that it often doesn’t add additional work to your plate. Instead, we’ll ask that you take things you’re already doing, and do them differently.

No, we believe that the best working relationships get developed with people you hire and pay directly. An EA is someone you should be looking to work very closely with for a minimum of 8 years – somebody who’s willing to follow you through various career steps. That depth of commitment can only succeed if the working relationship is direct.

However, we can help you find and hire a rockstar EA. Learn more about our EA recruiting service.

Not really, primarily because it doesn’t make sense. Since our program is heavily habit based, we have seen that the biggest risk of execution isn’t the EA, it’s the manager who is not succeeding in developing those habits that can change their career trajectory.

Talk to us if you want to hear how we’d build a coaching agenda for you.