The Superpower of Leverage: Radical Delegation

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The Superpower of Leverage: Radical Delegation

The Superpower of Leverage: Radical Delegation

Leverage Delegation as Your Superpower

Have you ever felt so busy you didn’t even have time to think? 

Do you want more time for important things instead of firefighting urgent requests? 

Would you like an extra day a week for what matters most to you? If so, read on …

Everyone wants to work “smarter, not harder,” but how?

Move your priorities forward through leverage and delegation to build trust and respectful relationships that achieve the best results. These are key when it comes to scaling and growing a successful business. 

At Mindmaven, we help clients be more proactive instead of reactive through the superpower of leverage and delegation. That’s why we want to share these ten benefits you can achieve through radical delegation for the greatest impact.

Use this helpful Final Delegation Checklist to get started straight away.

What Is Leverage?

Leverage is often used in different ways, so it’s important to first clarify what is leverage and what does leverage mean in business.

Leverage is about using key resources for maximum advantage. Importance, influence, authority, clout, or credit are all words you could use as leverage synonyms.

Radical delegation skills helps you to be more productive and save precious time. At Mindmaven, we teach leverage through delegation as a CEO superpower. For example, this article shows you How to Reach Your Fullest Potential as a Leader.

The art and science of what we call leverage may be one of the most underutilized yet powerful tools you have in your toolbox.

What Does Delegate Mean?

The definition of delegation is transferring a task to another person or group.

Delegation meaning trusting someone else to complete a task or project for you is ultimately about relationship management. 

Delegating involves building a relationship on trust and mutual respect. 

Why Is Delegating Important?

To quote one of the all time classic delegating quotes

“No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit.” – Andrew Carnegie

Work delegation is an essential skill for leaders to master to execute their job effectively. It involves understanding when and how to make decisions, how to direct and manage others, and how best to motivate them.

The Top 10 Benefits of Radical Delegation

Here are the top ten benefits of delegation to you, your team, and your business.

1. Delegation Frees Up Time 

The most successful people in the business world are those that have mastered productivity through the art of radical delegation.

Delegation of tasks frees up your time so that you can focus on what’s most important. 

Read the 5 Habits of Productive People to find out how to get more done in less time.

2. Delegating Helps You Decide What’s Important 

Delegation invites you to take notice of the difference between urgent and important tasks. 

  • Urgent tasks need to get done from an operations standpoint, but they are very often reactive tasks, like scheduling, that may do little to move the business forward. 
  • Important tasks are more tactical and require you to be proactive to get them done. They help the company grow. 

By lightening the reactive load through leverage and delegation, the leader frees up more time to be proactive and productive.

3. Delegation Is Critical To Success 

The DNA of every successful company involves smart delegation along the way. Delegation gives leaders more time to lead; it elevates team members up in terms of their skill sets and job titles.

When you learn how to delegate effectively, you learn to scale. 

Successful companies are able to expand and grow by developing a team with best practices for delegation and organizational habits. 

Use this Final Delegation Checklist as best practice for delegation.

4. Delegating Develops Communication Skills

Learning how to delegate tasks is a valuable skill that can be used across all areas of your life. 

When delegating a task, it is important that individuals are able to communicate well so that tasks are not miscommunicated or misunderstood. 

A focus on effective delegation from the top down will help build communication skills for future team-building responsibilities and interactions between colleagues.

It isn’t just about your personal and professional growth; it’s also about improving overall communication skills and getting the best from the team for the best business results.

Find out how you can also Boost Productivity With Dictation to leverage delegation as a superpower.

5. Delegating Creates Win-Win Situations 

Delegation allows you to carefully consider your team and pick the best person for a job. It invites you to notice the potential of your team members and whom to leverage to maximize results. 

A delegating leadership style makes important decisions based on many factors including skill set, personality, and aptitude. 

Well-managed delegation means everyone wins: 

  • You free up your valuable time. 
  • Your employee feels valued and may learn a new career-advancing skill.
  • The company expands as more people can do more (and your time can be devoted to tactical planning and implementation.)

6. Delegation Teaches You To Let Go 

Hoarding work for fear that only you can handle it allows for little growth for you or your team.

Delegating teaches you to tame or let go of your ego. 

You don’t have to do it all. In fact, there are probably folks who may be able to do it just as well (or even better). 

Trust and believe in your team to step up and deliver and give them the opportunity and support they need to succeed.

“Virgin’s ability to grow and diversify successfully was set in the company’s early days, with my learning how to delegate and let go.” – Sir Richard Branson.

7. Delegate To Appreciate and Build Loyalty 

Delegation encourages you to recognize, analyze, and appreciate the skills of your team. 

You’re able to offer new opportunities for professional growth when you take the time to really think about your team member’s strengths. (You may even think of a person for a role you never would have before.)

By offering higher-level tasks and expressing appreciation for a job well done, your team may feel even greater loyalty because they know you believe in them and trust them, which they can then reciprocate.

Delegation forces you to recognize, analyze, and appreciate the skills of your team. 

8. Delegate To Develop and Retain Top Talent

Talented people are one of your most valuable assets. You can help retain your top talent by delegating and teaching higher-level skills, enabling team members to thrive. 

Identifying and growing talent from within can often be easier than trying to find, hire, and train new talent from outside.

It’s not just about finding and recruiting the right candidate but convincing the best people for the job to join you in achieving your shared vision and mission.

9. Delegation Creates Processes To Save Time

Smart delegation develops new processes and best practices that ultimately save time. 

Most delegated tasks are repeatable, so not only are you freeing up more time for yourself, you’re building infrastructure that can be repeated as you scale and grow the business.

Our Complete Guide to Using Asana to Manage Schedules is a powerful delegation process to save time and increase productivity.

How to Use Asana to Manage Schedules (The Complete Guide)

10. Delegating Enhances Workplace Satisfaction

When people feel they are being offered opportunities to grow and are recognized for their contribution, this can enhance workplace satisfaction. 

Upward mobility, praise, and promotion prospects increase morale and motivation to do an awesome job for the company as people feel like their work is important and valued.

Your Final Delegation Checklist

Learning, understanding, and implementing the critical skill of delegation is fundamental to effective leadership and smart business. 

When delegating a task, it is essential to be clear about the desired outcome and expectations. 

We’ve created this useful checklist you can use straight away to make sure you are delegating tasks most effectively to get the best results.

Leverage radical delegation as your new superpower.

Get Your Final Delegation Checklist Now.

The Superpower of Leverage: Radical Delegation

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