If you haven’t found “anagram” yet go get it now

1 min read

Anagram (www.getanagram.com) is hands down one of the best productivity enhancing tools for Outlook.

What does it do? It lets you highlight any text and by pressing “CTRL C+C”, it will either create a Outlook contact item or if the highlighted text relates to a meeting or event, it will create a Appointment item instead. When you’re new Outlook Item opens it will already have parsed all highlighted information into the correct fields. It’s accuracy is quite astonishing.

It isn’t free but comes to you at a very low cost. If you need it for free you can get the “LinkedIn Toolbar” add-in that uses anagram’s technology. However, I believe you can only do contacts there which is only 50% of the deal, hence I recommend going with the real anagram tool. The time saving you can achieve by upgrading to anagram from the classic “copy & paste” methodology is very impressive. More time for your coffee break…

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